Regulation of cyclist

Art. 1.- The Cicloturista La Indurain is a sport cycle march of those regulated in article 9 of the Regulation of Cicloturismo-Cycling for All of the RFEC within the framework of a cycling specialty that conceives this sport as a physical exercise for leisure and touristic or cultural purposes, excluding competition. The test shall be subject to the provisions of Articles 15 et seq of Annex II to Royal Decree 1428/2003 of 21 November adopting the General Traffic Regulations for the implementation and development of the articulated text of the Traffic Law, motor vehicle traffic and road safety, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 339/1990 of 2 March.

Art. 2.- The Cicloturista La Induráin will have the start of both the long and short route on Saturday July 18, 2020 from the Town Hall of Villava. It is open to all cyclists over the age of 18.

Art.3.. Registration fees have a cost of:
Until the 2nd of April
Federated States: 49€
Not federated: 56€
Until the 4th of June
Federated States: 55€
Not federated: 62€
Until the end of registration
Federated: 59€
Not federated: 66€
Registration will be closed when the number of participants reaches 2300.

The organization will provide the Official jersey that is recommended to wear during the test for all participants and constitutes a security and control element so that all auxiliary personnel involved in the test can identify at all times who they are participants and those who do not.

It is very important that during the registration process you study the table that shows the measures of the jersey before choosing the size, once chosen no changes can be made.

Art. 4.- To participate it is obligatory to be in possession of the corresponding cycling license approved by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC), or to subscribe the day license with the insurance provided by the organization. They are the only valid insurances accepted by the authorities.

Participation in the test is at the participants’ own risk and responsibility. The participant at the time of registration states that he is physically fit for the test.
The organization advises all participants to pass a medical examination price to the test.

Art. 6.- The inscriptions are considered DEFINITIVE, so in the case of not being able to participate, the registration will not be returned. The inscriptions are strictly personal and non-transferable and cannot be used by anyone other than the registered one. It is not possible to replace one participant with another.

Art. 7.– Time control will be carried out electronically through the use of a chip. It is MANDATORY to use the chip. This will not work if it is in direct contact with the bicycle, nor if it carries more than one chip, or if it is placed away from the ground. The time control system has proven its total reliability, so it will automatically be considered as UNCLASSIFIED to participants who do not have a control step at all points:

Departure: at the time scheduled by the organization, which if not notified in advance will be at 8:00 am from the Town Hall Square of Villava.

Arrival: In the Town Hall Square of Villava until 17.30

Art. 8.-Elimination system:

Every participant when being passed by the “End of Test” vehicle is considered out of it, and must deliver the bicycle’s number, chip and plate; using the broom bus. The time limit marked is the one that appears in the routine as the worst time of the test.

Art 9.- All participants must carry, in a mandatory and visible way, the number Any cyclist who does not wear the bib in a visible way will be excluded from the tour by members of the organization. THE CHIP and the DORSAL must be placed with the plate that carries it on the handlebars of the bike. The dorsal and the chip are personal and non-transferable items. The registered person may only participate with the number assigned to him and agrees not to allow the use of the same to other people. Claims for loss of chip or placement in inappropriate place will not be accepted.

Art. 10.– The solid and liquid supplies will be located in:






Art. 11. – The organization will have, during the development of the test and permanently, a cadre of doctors, ambulances and mobile UVI, several fixed relief points, a medical post on arrival, a broom bus and service of showers. Art. 12.– The organization will have mechanical assistance throughout the event. In case of breakdown, the spare parts will be borne by the participants. Only repairs that can be solved en route will be taken into account, except for punctures.

Art. 13.– THE USE OF THE APPROVED CYCLING HELMET IS OBLIGATORY. Art. 14. – Foral Police, Municipal Police, Civil Protection, will ensure the safety of the march. Art. 15.– All participants must scrupulously observe the provisions of the Road Safety Law and its Regulations. The test runs on roads open to traffic. Who does not comply with the law will be expelled from the march and subsequent editions. Each participant assumes all points of the regulation by registering on our website. By means of such registration, the participant will declare that he assumes the risks inherent in the participation in a test open to traffic, and that he excludes the organization from the responsibility test for any incident or accident derived from the participation in the test.

Art. 16. – The organization is not responsible for any accident of which the participant could be a cause or victim, which must be covered by the license’s own insurance, nor is it jointly responsible for the expenses or debts that could be incurred. the participants during the march, neither of the lost or breakdowns that the bicycles or other equipment of the participants could suffer. The participant exempts the organization from liability for loss or deterioration of personal items for any circumstance.

Art. 17.- To collect the number, it is MANDATORY to present the proof of registration, ID and the RFEC license in the event that the insurance proposed by the organization has not been signed. Art. 18.– The organization reserves the right to make the necessary modifications, when for any reason it deems necessary. And, likewise, the Right of Admission is reserved.

Art. 19. – Image rights.- The acceptance of these regulations necessarily implies that the participant authorizes the organizers of La Indurain to the total or partial recording of their participation in it, gives their consent so that they can use their image to the promotion and dissemination of the test image in all its forms (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, internet, posters, media, etc.) and yields all the rights related to its commercial and advertising exploitation that they consider It is appropriate to execute, without your right to receive any financial compensation.

Art. 20. – The mere fact of enrolling in this test implies the acceptance of these regulations and the waiver of all rights against the organization, waiving any legal action that may arise from their participation in the test.

Art. 21.– Strictly, the penalty of those participants who: Do not respect the traffic code. Do not respect the safety instructions indicated by law enforcement and the organization. Do not pass through the exit control and others located on the route Dirt or degrade the itinerary, throwing waste. Have your own support vehicle, hindering the progress of the rest. Behaviors that prevent the normal development of the test and that go against this regulation. Members of law enforcement and organization will take note of those who perform some of the behaviors indicated above. The organization acquires the commitment vis-à-vis the rest of the participants and the authorities to sanction them effectively.

The penalty will be: Disqualification of the test, without the right to a diploma. Inclusion in the lists of the sanctioned participants, for later publication. Prohibition to participate in other editions of the test. The sanctions imposed by the authorities, which by their attitude could be worthy.

Art. 22. –CANCELLATION CAUSES (regulation modification 03/10/2020)

If due to force majeure outside the organization, the event has to be suspended, the registration fees will not be refunded, the registrations will be ketp for the next edition.
In accordance with this contract, the following effects and force majeure are attributed to the following events: fire, flood, epidemic, attack, hurricane, tornado, storm, ice, earthquake, war, civil war, requirement, work stoppage, lock-out or strike of the personnel necessary to carry out sporting events or the conduct of competitors or spectators, revolution, riots, crowd movement, legal moratorium, order of local, regional, national or international authorities, withdrawal or suspension of the official authorizations of the test, withdrawal or suspension of the authorizations of occupation of the public places, theft of all or part of the material necessary for the realization of the sporting events, lack of electrical energy, interruption or delay in the transports or the telecommunications stations, inability to broadcast sports events ond hertzian terrestrial, by cable or satellite, climatic or political conditions that make it very difficult or difficult to carry out sporting events, conditions that make it very difficult or difficult to maintain the safety of participants in sporting events or spectators.

Art. 23.- Participants are strongly recommended to have a medical examination before participating in the test.

Personal Data: we inform you that the personal data you provide us by filling in the registration form will become part of a file responsible for K1 TRIATLOI TALDEA (hereinafter the “organization”). This file will be used for the organization of the sports event registration of participants, management of the delivery of bib numbers, insurance management for brokers, publication of the marks made in the media, publication of photographs and images of the participants in the media. billing and in general those purposes related to the management and organization of a sporting event.

Your contact information will be kept indefinitely and may be transferred to the sponsors of the test for the sending of information related to sporting events organized by the organization or by third parties as well as the products or services offered by the organizers or sponsors of the Sport test. These shipments may be made by both ordinary and electronic channels without prejudice to your right to cancel your personal data whenever you deem appropriate. If you do not wish to receive this information, you can indicate it by checking the corresponding box.

If you wish to agree, rectify, cancel or oppose the processing of your personal data, you can do so by sending your request along with a photocopy of your ID to the following address: Paseo 20015. Pamplona / Iruña Nafarroa / Navarra (Spain).

The organization may publish the name surnames origin category dorsal DNI photographs and images taken during the test and the result made by athletes in the media. The list and the indicated data of the participants in the different tests will be of public consultation from the moment of registration. Consequently, their registration in the test implies their express and unreserved consent to the publication of this data in the media that the organization determines – including the Internet – without prejudice to their right to object.

The classifications in the different tests will be kept indefinitely for the purpose of trademark accreditation and may be consulted on the organization’s website without prejudice to its right to cancel. In the event that you make the payment by credit card your personal data will be transferred to the bank that the organizer of the test determines in order to manage the payment of your registration in the sports event. The organization has subscribed sports accident insurance for those registered as non-federated, therefore participation in this event implies their express consent for the transfer of their identification data to the insurance entity that the organizer determines in order to guarantee adequate assistance in accident case during the course of the test.

Those registered as federated assume that they are federated in the Spanish cycling federation with their Cycle Tourism license, which license makes them have their corresponding insurance.

In the event that the user proceeds to the registration of third parties both on the platform and in the sports tests managed through it guarantees the prior express consent of those interested in the terms set out in these legal conditions.

In no case will the organization be responsible for the legality veracity and accuracy of the data provided. It is your sole responsibility to notify the organization of any changes therein.

Filling in the fields marked with a (*) is mandatory. The rest of the fields are optional. If you do not provide this information, the consequence may be the denial of your registration in the test. In the event that the registration in the test is carried out by a sports club with respect to its members, the club guarantees to have their informed consent for the processing and transfer of their personal data in the terms established in this privacy policy.