Until when can I register?

You will be able to register until completing registrations. The rates will increase, see rates.

Where can I pick up my bib?

We will send you the number at home and there will be an office to attend to incidents the day before the test.

What time is the departure?

The start of both tests will be at 8 am.

What is the time limit to complete the race?

The time limit for all races is 5:30 p.m. This assumes an average speed of 20km / h.

Is it mandatory to wear the official jersey?

Yes, for safety reasons it is recommended to wear the official test jersey.

How can I get my diploma?

Once the test is finished and the classifications have been uploaded, the diplomas will be published on the classifications website.

Can I change my route?

Yes, by sending us an email to and requesting the change.

Can I change the size of my jersey?

No, pay special attention when choosing the size. In addition, it will be sent sufficiently in advance to the address that you have indicated in the registration, being your responsibility that these contact details are correct so that you receive it correctly.

Can I buy the official kit?

Yes, in the official store section you can buy our test products.